Toyota Dual Exhaust Project

The dual exhaust project began with an idea and a little bit of clay.




Next I added clay to create the shape I wanted. Then, I painted the clay with a fiberglass coat to harden the surface and fill in tiny crevices.

photo 4-1

I took it back off after that to buff the final surface.



Then I reattached it and painted it black to compliment the white bumper.


This was the finished result…

rear manifold good photo

Dual Exhaust for Scion TC

This video walks through the design, construction and installation of a custom dual exhaust manifold I created for a Scion TC.  The cost came in around $300 for supplies and my labor, compared to an estimated cost of $2,000 if I would have purchased the part.

Custom GPS Display

My GPS is my savior when it comes to driving. I wanted a spot for my GPS where it wouldnt be in the way and distracting. I constructed it using the OEM pillar from my car and some fiberglass. It has been wrapped in a sheet of marine grade vinyl and matches my car’s color.

Custom Bearded Dragon Enclosure

This enclosure was one of the larger custom habitats created for customers.  The “how to” video I created of the process to design, build and wire lighting into the enclosure has nearly 100,000 views on YouTube.  Note, I was only 12 when I made this video, so the narration is pretty silly.

Reptile Enclosure

There are many custom habitats I crafted and sold during 2011-2013.  This is another example of my work created for customers and with a “how to” video on YouTube that has over 44,000 views.

reptile habitat 2