High School

During middle and high school, I created many art projects. They fall into four key categories.

Automotive: During high school, my passion shifted from reptiles to cars. I began designing things for my own car like: a dual exhaust system, front and rear bumpers, GPS holder, multiple speaker enclosures, and shift boot. I documented some of the projects with videos or photos.

Habitats: I created countless reptile habitats during middle school and early high school years. I often used recycled objects, such as old TVs (the type with knobs on them) or computer monitors, that were gutted and turned into habitats. Most of these were sold at reptile shows. I had a website and YouTube channel that included many “how to” videos. The most popular video, how to make a bearded dragon enclosure has over 188,000 views. By the age of 14, I was chosen for YouTube Partner status due to the popularity of my videos.

Paintings: Most of my paintings were created to raise funds for Narcolepsy awareness. It is an incurable sleep disorder that my brother was diagnosed with at age 16. Funds raised for Wake Up Narcolepsy ranged from $125 to $1,200 per fundraiser from my paintings. Others were commissioned by friends of the family or created for family member gifts.

Sketches:¬†Sketches were created to apply for the elite¬†Transportation Design program at the College of Creative Studies (the nation’s #1 ranked program for auto design). Sketches are clearly not my strong suit, but were required for the application process. I was accepted into the top automotive program, but decided after taking my first glass blowing class to change majors.